Our story is the coming together of many unique and wonderful stories. We might never have met or lived separate lives, but the Holy Spirit/God brought us together for some very important reasons: we all have proven faith and love for Jesus Christ, our Savior, God, and Lord of our lives; 2. we all want to demonstrate our love and appreciation for what God has done for us by serving Him; 3. we all have a passion to participate in the unity, Gospel, and growth of His Church; 4. we want this website to be shared with others and to be only a starting point for other opportunities to help our local Church and community; 5. we all pray for revival and the work of God/Holy Spirit, realizing that if God does not show up, we will fail; 6. our statement of faith and values represent what we are for, with a desire (some exceptions) to help ministries and churches in our community reach their full potential; 7. we all have a passion for the local church (our Jerusalem and Judea) without forsaking Samaria and the ends of the earth; 8. a strategic and spiritual decision is that we feel the Church can grow faster if we support others who will head up the many opportunities to grow the Church. We feel camaraderie, love, and support for one another will grow as the baton of leadership is shared by many; 9. we desire to be flexible and listen to the Holy Spirit as we add and possibly step back from our support of any given opportunity.

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We can honestly say it has been decades to a lifetime to bring us together for this point in history. God has uniquely prepared us, and possibly yourself, to be a part of Church Santa Cruz. This website, for example, has not been done before, and it has already gone through many changes for what you see today, with probably changes yet to come. We pray this website is only the beginning of how we may use this new tool, as God is already showing us many more things we can do with it. When Covid hit, the original founders had already developed some wonderful friendships where we began to discover our mutual passions for the lost and God’s lost Church. With over 50,000 denominations, decreasing church attendance, increasing spiritual darkness, we pray for revival, while asking God what we can do. We asked questions such as, “how can we continue to celebrate the uniqueness of many churches, while still at times coming together to love, support, and encourage one another.” Our vision and mission came from these discussions and answered prayers. We also asked, “what beliefs can bring us together”, which resulted in our statements of faith. This was really difficult and took many years as we did not want to be known for what we are against, but what we are for. Additionally, God showed us over two pages of very achievable opportunities we could do as One Church to help grow the spiritual and physical depth of our local churches and Helping Ministries.

In 2020, the founders began with differing gifts, leadership styles, experiences, funding ability, and started working together to keep alive a wonderful evangelistic concert called The Blitz. The government was shutting down everything, including most church experiences. The Blitz concert needed a new vision, additional leadership, and funding to expand the listening audience beyond just the youth. God would miraculously show us how to have the concert so the government could not shut us down, and we saw over 50+ people accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. All those who attended were greatly encouraged by the Holy Spirit-inspired experience. We followed this in 2022 with growing attendance, 9+ churches participating, and even more accepting Jesus as Savior. Praises to God!! The Blitz for 2023 is changing again, and we pray God will greatly support the efforts of many. The Spirit of God is moving as church leaders are becoming comfortable loving and serving each other. We all have a desire to see people believe in Jesus and attend a good church or ministry that will inspire and disciple them to grow in their faith, recognizing we are ALL part of One Church.

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While all the above is going on, we continue to work on the website, add new churches and helping ministries, and are having videos made for every leader of the church and Helping Ministries. Our prayer is that if we humble ourselves and see God’s Church as He does, and live and love better as One Church, God would be greatly pleased, we would experience a powerful revival, and God would entrust His Church with the lives of many to be discipled. Please let us know if you and other church leaders and helping ministry leaders have plans to work together, where we might be able to help support in promotions, leadership, strategies, or financial support. When possible, we will prayerfully consider how we might support what God is doing through you and others…

Grace and Peace always,


Mark, Jesse, Brian, Glen, Dick



P.S. These are the local churches and helping ministries that have been directly involved so far – Hope Church, Santa Cruz Baptist Church, Santa Cruz Bible Church, Twin Lakes Church, Redeemer Anglican, Santa Cruz Vineyard, Regeneration Church, Gospel Community Church, Coastlands, Faith Community, Vintage Faith Church, Santa Cruz Convergence, Arukah Project, Hilltop, Pregnancy Resource Center, True Love Christian Festival, Flow Foundation, YWAM Santa Cruz, Monte Vista Christian School, Young Life.

If your name is not on this list, please reach out, and let’s connect and dream about ways we can support one another.

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