His 2 Offer works both locally and globally to provide support and opportunities to the homeless, hurting, and needy with the goal to train and equip people to be self-supporting members of society, so they can help others.

To Bring Good News

Everything we do at H2O (His 2 Offer) is born out of the transformational power of the gospel. We aren’t just helping meet needs and solve problems, and we aren’t just preaching an empty gospel with no power to change. We’re seeing broken and hopeless lives absolutely transformed by the love of Jesus. It’s a whole gospel that is setting people free to survive and thrive.

With over 25,000 inmates as active members of our prison churches, H2O is watching as Jesus transforms ex-criminals into pastors, teachers, farmers, welders…you name it. We’ve literally set hundreds of men and women free and are seeing thousands more encounter the power and love of God. We are building state-of-the-art schools and hospitals inside Malawian prisons, turning what would be a dead end for many ex-criminals into a fresh start.

There is literally no project, no problem, no darkness too big for us. 


Because we have no plan of our own. We listen for what God wants to do.

We listen to the local people. We hear the ancient cry in the heart of these precious gems – the Malawian people – and we listen to the Lord’s heart interwoven through their voice.

Then we pray. We tell others about the need and the solution within reach.

But we never actually solve the problem. In fact, that would go against everything we believe in.

Foreign aid coming from the outside bringing their resources and solutions can actually make the situation worse.

Instead, we educate, equip, and empower local communities. . .

…to rise up into their identity as sons and daughters of God, into their inheritance as builders of his kingdom, and into their place on the battlefield to take back for themselves everything that has been lost.

We never leave them to do it alone, but we never do it FOR them.

Does this approach work? Absolutely!

  • We’ve seen literally thousands of people come to know Jesus, whether inmates, attendees of our evangelistic soccer tournaments, orphans, widows, or local businessmen. No one is out of the reach of Jesus.

  • We’ve watched whole communities rise up out of poverty into prosperity through new thriving businesses empowered by our state-of-the-art, solar-powered appliances.

  • We’ve fed orphans, cared for widows, and visited and transformed prisoners behind bars.

  • We’ve built hospitals, held soccer tournaments, started schools, and equipped successful tradesmen and pastors.

H2O’s Guidelines:

1. Never do things for people that they can do themselves.

2. Promote solutions from the local community.

3, Decisively be in partnership with the local community.

4. Promote and teach a long-term vision.

5. Local people have priority on all work. 

6. Start with an end game in mind.

7. Must have 3 local leaders: government, business, and church.

8. Teaching, empowering, and transforming communities is H2O’s #1 priority.

9. Always focus on financial and spiritual accountability.

10. Aid without learning will foster poverty.

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