That every surfer and every surfing community has opportunity to know and follow Jesus



Christian Surfers is active in 38 countries worldwide. Connect with us in your nation or learn how you could start a mission in your local surf community.



Are you a surfer looking to connect fellow surfers to Jesus or a current Christian Surfers leader looking to grow in your leadership? We have the tools to develop your skills!



Want to get involved with Christian Surfers and have a heart to serve? We have many opportunities from the local level, right through to international.


Christian Surfers currently exists in 33 nations from every corner of the earth

As a collective movement, with a local mission, Christian Surfers is a culture of people drawn together by shared belief – it’s one that we don’t just live in — it lives within us.

The goal is to see every surfer and every surfing community have the opportunity to know and follow Jesus, which includes over 120 surfable nations!

Check out the map below to find your local tribe. If there is no established Christian Surfers mission in your area, but you think there may be potential to set one up, get in contact with us. We will always be excited to discuss opportunities to reach more surfers!

Dark blue is where we are, light blue is where we want to be.