The Santa Cruz area is one of the most significant geographic regions in the world. Santa Cruz county is comprised of 27 cities and is known for its affiliation to surfing, skateboarding, the arts, and education.

Innovative leaders, renowned artists, and visitors are among the 267,792 people who call Santa Cruz County home. Known for its beautiful and expansive beaches along with its surf and laid-back culture, Santa Cruz is a dream place to settle down and a vacation destination.

There are beautiful beaches, homes, and tourist destinations but underneath this beautiful veneer is the need for hope and restoration.

Crime, drugs, and hopelessness abound in this region just below the surface. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only viable answer to the hopelessness in this region and we are here as a resource to help you find a Church or ministry where you can build a healthy community and raise your family. Now is a good time to find a Christian faith community, you are not alone!

To put it simply, we love the body of Christ and we love the Santa Cruz, California region. If you were to add up the years that our leadership team with Church Santa Cruz has been serving the local Christian faith community it would add up to more than 100 years of active ministry experience. We believe everything gets better when the church is healthy and thriving. It is for this reason that Church Santa Cruz was birthed. We want to help the body of Christ increase its effectiveness in reaching this city and region. Read more about our vision/mission if you want to learn more.